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We are committed to achieving the most favorable results possible. Client satisfaction is the driving passion for our success.

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With over two decades of employment litigation experience, the Liu Employment Law Firm has the unique experience of representing diverse clients that enables us to resolve employment matters in a successful and effective manner. The Firm was founded on the unflinching principle that every client of the firm deserves an outstanding legal representation — an attorney who listens, an attorney who understands, and an attorney who delivers excellent results. To that end, our firm is driven by the passion to thoroughly understanding the client’s goals, and to consistently strive to exceed them.

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The Liu Employment Law Firm is a full-service employment law firm that provides a wide spectrum of legal services, including advice and counseling, policy training, compliance audit, and litigation of a vast range of employment issues. We provide experienced guidance and a clear roadmap in achieving these objectives. Our legal acumen and resourcefulness will help clients reach the desirable outcomes in the most cost-effective and dignified manner. Our commitment to you is that we will always place your interest at the forefront of every case.

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Discrimination and harassment based on statutorily protected characteristics are prohibited under federal and California law, such as the federally enacted Title VII and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act protect employees with a qualified disability, and also require employers to provide reasonable accommodation when appropriate.

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Employees leaving a company may be bound by certain confidentiality obligations as well as other contractual terms with the former employer, the violation of which could give rise to monetary damages and injunctive relief.

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Employees are afforded protection for exercising the right to take leaves under various federal and California laws, including the Federal Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act, which often have intricate interplay with disability protection laws.

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Employers could be found liable for misclassification of their employees’ exempt status, as well as failure to provide overtime compensation, rest and meal breaks, and inadequate wage statements.

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The implementation of best practices and establishment of sound personnel policies could effectively limit exposure of future litigation.

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Client Testimonials

"Clarice Liu is a top-notch employment law attorney... She's very pleasant to deal with, but is a fierce defender who knows how to achieve successful legal outcomes."

"Clarice Liu understood me and my situation. We were able to work together to achieve a successful outcome from a stressful experience.”

“Clarice is, by far, the most professional, and at the same time, compassionate attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She will fight like a tiger for her client while making them feel secure in the midst of instability.”

“Clarice Liu is a superbly capable Attorney who possesses extensive experience in and a very comprehensive, pragmatic understanding of Employment Law.”

"Every so often you meet someone who believes in you whole heartedly, makes you feel comfortable, and advocates so passionately for you."

“My experience working with Clarice Liu was extremely positive. Clarice was very client-focused and always thought about what would be the best outcome for me and my family. I have never met a tougher employment lawyer.”

"Clarice's combination of professionalism, extensive legal experience and effective negotiation skills make her firm the best in Northern California."