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Clarice Liu is a top-notch employment law attorney who has represented Greenpeace USA over the years. It’s not just her knowledge and experience that I value. She also has a trait that many of us attorneys don’t practice enough – she listens. Clarice always makes herself available to discuss legal matters and strategize on the best course of action. She’s very pleasant to deal with, but is a fierce defender who knows how to achieve successful legal outcomes.

After being wrongfully terminated from my position I sought the advice of family members who were familiar with employee rights protocols and was advised to seek an attorney. The resulting search for help led me to Clarice Liu, who came highly recommended by another attorney that had faced Clarice in the courtroom and lost. Sincerity, compassion, understanding, attentiveness and personal interest are what I was met with in the hour I spent consulting with Clarice over my situation. Clarice had helped me through one of the most harrowing experiences of my life. She tirelessly clarified my position as things changed and always left me to make decisions with a continually renewed sense of self-respect and surety. Clarice is, by far, the most professional, and at the same time, compassionate attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She will fight like a tiger for her client while making them feel secure in the midst of instability.

Clarice Liu is a superbly capable Attorney who possesses extensive experience in and a very comprehensive, pragmatic understanding of Employment Law. Her array of professional strengths enabled me to successfully resolve a very contentious employment issue with my former employer. While other attorneys would have acquiesced in order to reach a rapid resolution, Clarice persevered on my behalf to ensure the best possible settlement. She is client-focused, tenacious, highly intelligent, and empathetic. She has excellent communication skills and is an especially fine active listener who took the necessary time to fully understand my case. Clarice is forthright and trustworthy while demonstrating the highest level of integrity when seeking the truth. I will always admire her ability to maintain a very professional and balanced disposition when evaluating the facts as she did in my case. As one who has had direct and very positive experience with her work, I would highly recommend her legal counsel to anyone in need of Employment Law expertise. She is a consummate professional.

Our organization was dealing in uncharted territory so we were grateful to have Clarice Liu represent our non-profit in a labor dispute. Clarice was focused, determined, and dedicated to achieving the best results for us. She skillfully guided us during the preparation and found Clarice to be knowledgeable and responsive to our concerns. I am pleased to say we are satisfied with the results. Thank you Clarice!

Every so often you meet someone who believes in you whole heartedly, makes you feel comfortable, and advocates so passionately for you. I was referred to Clarice Liu by a friend and was completely nervous about the whole process. Clarice made me and my wife feel comfortable and supported from the moment we met and shook hands. She guided me through the legal process I would be venturing on and was extremely professional and caring. Clarice listens attentively and is very compassionate. When I had other concerns that were beyond her scope of employment law she was very clear on what I needed to do to regain my footing, and offered referrals should I need them. She threw me a life-line, and I am forever grateful.

My experience working with Clarice Liu was extremely positive. Clarice was very client-focused and always thought about what would be the best outcome for me and my family. I have never met a tougher employment lawyer. Clarice Liu had no problem going head-to-head against a big company to fight for her client. I constantly received status updates from Clarice throughout the litigation process. This made me feel that I was not being forgotten and that Clarice was working very hard to move my case forward.

In the ten years I have owned my business, I have learned that a good attorney is the best friend I could have. Clarice Liu is just that, one of my best friends. Not only will she do a fantastic job handling the immediate problem, she will go far beyond the call of duty to make sure your labor requirements are set up properly. Clarice will create a system which will protect your business from future labor related issues. I am eternally grateful to her for catching my errors and for helping set up procedures which protects my business from future legal matters. It’s no exaggeration to say I sleep better at night knowing Clarice has my back.

Clarice Liu understood me and my situation. We were able to work together to achieve a successful outcome from a stressful experience. I found Ms. Liu to be very responsive, knowledgeable, personable and professional. I would highly recommend her for your legal needs.

I turned to the Liu Employment Law Firm when I needed help going up against a leading Fortune 500 telecommunications company after being wronged and maliciously mistreated by the company. Attorney at Law, Clarice C. Liu, graciously took on my case and with her unwavering diligence, knowledge and expertise succeeded in winning a favorable outcome. Ms. Liu really cares about her clients, and helped me navigate the confusing and long legal process until we were successful. I would highly recommend her!

Clarice’s combination of professionalism, extensive legal experience and effective negotiation skills make her firm the best in Northern California for assisting clients with many employment-related legal needs. After working with Clarice to reach a successful outcome in my case, I would definitely utilize her services again in the future and also highly recommend her firm to all my friends and professional colleagues.