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Sweeping New Employment Laws in 2020

By Clarice C. Liu, Esq., Published on January 20, 2020 The new year has ushered in a new landscape in employment law with a host of new legislation enacted in California.  By the end of the 2019 legislative session, Governor…

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No-Match Letters: Employers Must Tread A Fine Line

By Clarice C. Liu, Esq., Published on May 30, 2019 In recent months, many employers have received “no-match” letters sent by the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) after a 7-year hiatus.  A no-match letter is a written notice issued by the…

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Unpaid Internship: Department of Labor Relaxes Rules

By Clarice C. Liu, Esq., Published on March 26, 2018 Welcome news for companies hiring interns – the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has recently adopted a more flexible approach in determining whether “interns” are considered “employees” under the Fair…

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